Parish visit from the Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent (27-29 September 2022)

The parish welcomes the Sisters of St. Elisabeth Convent from Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). The sister will be visiting the parish on September 27, 28 and 29 during morning Mass at Ocean Grove and Queenscliff.

In an email from Sister Maria of St. Elisabeth Convent:

Our community is ministering several institutions which host children and adults with special needs, running rehab centers for addicts, and rendering spiritual, social and financial help to the sick and the suffering who stay at care centers in Minsk.

Apart from care and spiritual help, the Convent carries out a number of projects aimed at the improvement of the living conditions for the children and at their social and medical rehabilitation.

As we are trying to establish new contacts for our community and find ways to support our charitable projects, we are organizing a trip to visit Christian parishes in Australia for one of our sisters in September – October this year.

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