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Meet your PPC member – Adrian Redfern (by Susan Weston)

We shifted to Point Lonsdale 5 years ago from Wangaratta & found Queenscliff to be a very vibrant, enthusiastic & welcoming parish community. It is a fairly small congregation & most are known to one another. The hospitality ladies also do a great job with their monthly ‘Souper Sundays’, etc.

I became a member of PPC during the ‘covid’ period. Von Philp, who I met through the choir, suggested I put my name forward. Prior to joining PPC, I had no other official involvement with the parish & this is my first experience with parish councils.

Currently, I’m involved with the choir, reading & commentating, and attend faith development meetings. Also involved with Queenscliff RAR refugee advocacy group & Barwon gaol visitation with Catholic Care Victoria. I am also a member of the parish OH&S Committee.

My interests include caravanning, cycling, motorbiking, renovation projects & family history.

My hopes:

  • Finding ways to address declining church revenues, COVID has affected our revenue. Our aging buildings need ongoing maintenance & new & future initiatives will need funding.
  • Listen to & engage with younger generations particularly from school communities. Maureen Earls is making a start by promoting and organising our Parish Concert.
  • As a 3 Church Parish we are able to build on our shared experiences – e.g. Mass, Sacraments, faith awareness, looking out for each other while at the same time recognising that each Church has a way of doing this.

For more information about the PPC, please contact the Parish Office: 5258 1673 | queenscliff@cam.org.au or visit www.holytrinityqueenscliff.org.au.


Feature Image Credit: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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