Welcome to Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre in East Melbourne

Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre is now open

362 Albert Street, East Melbourne


In 200 years of Catholic Education, Mary MacKillop, Julian Tenison-Woods and the Sisters of St Joseph have contributed significantly to the establishment and operations of schools, children’s homes and providence centres.

In this significant year of St Joseph, we are reminded of the important role that the Heritage Centre can play in faith formation and how the lives of St Mary, Julian and the Sisters, in the name of Joseph, can inspire people of all ages to respond to the needs of the time.

The Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre has reopened for pilgrims, parishioners, and community groups on Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. The Centre offers retreats and programs with a specific design for parish groups and invites you to view one or more of the following:

  • A dedicated Museum to Mary, Julian and the SOSJ’s with emphasis on Victoria.
  • The Mary MacKillop Heritage trail, which includes Mary’s place of birth.
  • A chapel, set in a very spiritual and sacred space where Mary walked, lived and prayed.
  • A dedicated gift shop with a wide range of gifts, books, cards, and souvenirs, including products from the Peruvian Women’s Project.
  • Accommodation that consists of competitively priced self-contained apartments that parishioners may like to access for a night out in Melbourne, for the theatre, football or dinner! Off street parking and lift access is available.

For Parishes requiring special group bookings, please contact us on 9926 9300.

We are also seeking people interested in volunteering at the Centre.

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